Knitting Tips and Techniques

The articles on this page are a collection made up of hints and tips from various knitting lists and original articles written by me. Articles written by me are labelled as such at the bottom of the individual pages.

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Colour Embroidery and Colour Knitting

Written by Pati Taylor, used with permission from Debbie New.


by Judy Schroeder

for styling and choosing designs for children's knitwear

Garment Care and Repair

Garment Construction

The KnitWiki

Knitting wiki

The KnitWiki contains many articles from working yarn overs in different situations and sizes to descriptions of many knitting techniques.


compiled by Sue Hotovec

for yarn and needle sizes. Now Includes Japanese Needle Sizes!

Print it, laminate it and keep it in your knitting bag. Available in two sizes.

Print it, laminate it, and you'll always know what yarn you need.




A useful technique if you hate turning after every row when knitting entrelac. Stitches are knit from the right hand needle and onto the left hand needle. Includes videos

How to work them before a knit stitch and purl stitch. Also includes instructions on working multiple yarn overs and yarn overs at the beginning of a row

Toys and Doll's Clothes

for making toys for children under three years of age