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Tammy cat on a granny square crochet blanketWhenever I think of crochet, I think of comfort. Cozy blankets thrown over the back of the couch, (usually covered in cats like our Tammy), and soft, squishy cushions.

I learnt to crochet in the 70’s from a little paperback book that I probably bought from the Scholastic book club (knowing me). I learnt to make flowers, of course, then a Scottish lady who was a friend of my Mum taught me to make granny squares while she and Mum drank tea, ate biscuits, and talked about all that Mum stuff that 7 year olds don’t care about.

I was hooked! (Sorry, I had to say it).

In this section of you’ll find all sorts of vintage crochet patterns, going back to the 1890’s, and some original tutorials and patterns as well.

Confused about crochet hook sizes? You’ll find a conversion chart for crochet hooks here.