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The Singercraft Fagoter and Guide attachments were made by Singer to allow women to sew a larger range of items with their home sewing machine than ever before. With the Guide, they could create anything from pile fabrics to home made trims, afghans, and even belts. The Fagoter meant that fabrics could be joined with a faster machine made stitching, and fancy ribbon and cord trims could be sewn to match every outfit.

I have uploaded my collection of vintage Singercraft instructions, transfers and projects, along with some pieces kindly provided by other Singercraft enthusiasts, and have written some original articles and tutorials to share with you. I’ve even provided a tutorial on making Singercraft Guide projects using a hairpin crochet loom if you don’t have a Guide, and how to use the Guide on a non-Singer sewing machine.

The Singercraft Guide

The Singercraft Fagoter

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