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English to Latvian Knitting Glossary

Balls of brightly coloured yarn in a basket

If you have any corrections or additions please let me know. This list was compiled while I was translating a vintage Latvian knitting book using google translate.

Colour pattern chart:

Cuffs: aprocēm

Finer needles: smalkākām adatām

First round:  pirmā raksta kārtā

Increased: pieaudzē

Knit stitch: labisks valdziņs

Knit selvage/selvedge: 

Knit two together:

Knitting: adīsana, adīsanu

Needles: adatām

Purl stitch: kreilisks valdziņs

Ribbing: Pieguļošu joslu adīsana (direct translation: adjacent lane knitting)

Schematic: piegrieztne (direct translation: pattern)


Sleeves: piedurkne

Slip 1, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over: 

Slipped selvage/selvedge:

Stitch pattern chart:

Stitches: valdziņus

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