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Tips for Using EZ’s Percentage Technique

Elizabeth Zimmermann

These tips were sent to me after I posted a question on the Knitlist.

<< I am about to embark on my first creation using EZ’s percentage system. Please convince me that it works!!!>>

I just started my own very first EZ percentage sweater, and there’s one thing you may need to remember: she wrote this book in the days of skin-tight sleeves. If you aren’t that trendy, or if tight sleeves aren’t flattering on you, you’ll need to increase them to something like 40% (not 1/3) of the body stitches.

Then those extra stitches will have to be decreased away on the yoke, once you’ve joined the sleeves and body. (This advice courtesy of someone on the techknit list.)

The EZ system works just fine. However, I make my upper arm 40% because I’m a little chunky have very broad shoulders. I also knit two full inches after I join the body and sleeves beforeĀ  I start decreasing, also because of my broad shoulders.

I also knit the extra two inches when I make the saddle shoulder too and that accommodates the broad shoulder problem.

Hi Sarah. I have knitting by the EZ percentage system for years and swear by it. Also have taught the technique in classes, and find it to be just as successful. If I was to say that there is a shortcoming in the technique it would be for large sizes, however Medrith Glover has written up some guidelines for larger sizes that are a great companion. Meg has seen them and says “right on” So go for it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased by the doors that come open. Good Knitting