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Internet Knitting Terms

Messy blue balls of yarn

The internet has developed some unique words and acronyms for commonly used terms. Some of these are unique to knitting and others are used everywhere on the internet.

Common Internet Knitting Terms

These are terms that are used on internet knitting forums related to knitting.
CAL: Crochet-A-Long. See KAL
FO: Finished Object.
Frog, Frogging: To undo knitting to go back to correct a mistake by removing the needles and ripping the stitches out. From the sound a frog makes – ribbit ribbit sounds like rip it, rip it. See tink.
Frog pond: To remove the needles and undo knitting all the way. To recycle the wool from a half knitted project to use in a different project. eg: I’ve sent the sock that didn’t fit to the frog pond and I’m going to make a scarf from the wool.
Halfpint: Have A Lovely Fantasy Project. I’ve No Time.
KAL: Knit-A-Long.
LYS: Local Yarn Store.
OTN: On The Needles. A current knitting project.
SSS: Second Sock Syndrome. After having finished one sock it becomes difficult to go on and finish the second one to make a pair.
Tink, Tinking: To undo knitting to go back to correct a mistake stitch by stitch. Tink is knit spelt backwards. See frog.
UFO: UnFinished Object
WIP: Work In Progress

Common Internet Terms

These are terms that are used on internet knitting forums but are not related to knitting.
dd: Dear Daughter
dh: Dear Husband
ds: Dear Son
dw: Dear Wife
GIYF: Google Is Your Friend
JFGI: Just F*****g Google It
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
phishing: Pronounced “fishing”. An email that looks like it comes from a reputable company (eg a bank or ebay) that either asks you for your details (eg username and password) or directs you to a link that asks for your deatils. These emails are sent by scammers trying to discover your details. If you are unsure if the email is for real or a phishing scam go to the web page for that company by typing in the real address and checking. Most reputable companies will not ask for you to enter details from a link in an email as these links can look legitimate but actually redirect you to somewhere else.
ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *ss Off
SO: Significant Other. ie Husband, wife or partner
troll: A person who joins a group just to make trouble.