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How to Wrap Short Rows

Short rowed afghan square

Short-rowing is the name used to describe where you turn your work in the course of knitting a row and work back. If you don’t wrap the next st you inevitably end up with a very visible hole.

Here is how you do it:


P = Purl

K = Knit

Sl = Slip the next st Purlways


For Garter St:

K to the point where your pattern says to turn but don’t turn the work yet.

Bring your yarn to the front of the work, Sl the next st from the left hand needle, take your yarn to the back of the work, Sl the st back to the left hand needle.

Turn your work. If you still have a visible hole you may work the wrap the same as for st st (instructions follow).

For Stocking St:

Wrap the st following the directions for garter stitch.

The next time you knit the wrapped st, knit the wrapped yarn along with the stitch it is wrapped around, thus:

Put the needle up through the wrap on the right side of the work, put the needle through the st (knitways if you are going to knit the st, purlways if you are going to purl the st), and K (or P) the two together.

Copyright © January, 1998 Sarah Bradberry