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English to Svenska (Swedish) Knitting Glossary

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Blue fluffy knitting

If you can add any of the missing definitions marked as “xxx“to this list please let me know.

English Svenska (Swedish)
aran(sweater typical of Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland); aran weight(describes yarn of medium weight, suitable for knitting at gauge of 16 to 20 stitches per 10cm (= 4 inches), with 4.5 – 5.5mm needles (US7 – US9), (No. 4 inStandard Yarn Weight System, xxx
backwards loop (cast on) = single (cast on) xxx
ball(s) (of yarn) nystan
batt(s) (of fiber) xxx
beret(s) basker
bind off (BO), cast off (CO) avmaska, maska av
(to) block, blocking (att)blocka
button(s) knapp(ar)
buttonhole(s) knapphål
cable(s) fläta, flätor
cable (cast on) xxx
cable 2 back (C2B) (place 2 stitches on holder behind work, knit the next 2 stitches, then knit the stitches from the holder ; makes a right leaning cable) xxx
cable 2 front (C2F) (place 2 stitches on holder in front of work, knit the next 2 stitches, then knit the stitches from the holder ; makes a left leaning cable) xxx
cap(s) (soft head covering that loses some of its shape when off the head) mössa
cap(s) (head covering with a firm brim in front) keps
(to) card (att) karda
cardigan(s)(sweater with full length front opening) kofta
cast off (CO), bind off (BO) avmaska,maska av
cast on (CO) lägga upp
circular needle(s) ( CIRC(S) ) rundsticka
coat(s)(heavy garment that opens in front, to wear outdoors) jacka
(to) crochet virka
cuff(s) (of a mitten or glove) mudd
cuff(s) (of a sock) mudd
cushion(s) kudde
decrease(s) (DECR) minska
double dubbel
double pointed needle(s) (DPN) strumpstickor
(to) drop a stitch, dropped stitch(es) xxx
duplicate stitch xxx
edge(s) kant(er)
even 1. even(rows) 2. (to) knit even xxx
Fair Isle (type of stranded knitting with two colors per row or round) xxx
felt, felting tova
finished object(s) (FO) färdiga arbeten / projekt
(to) frog (att) repa upp
garter stitch rätstickning
gauge (US), tension (UK) stickfastighet
German twisted cast on = Old Norwegian cast on xxx
glove(s) fingervante, fingervantar
glove(s), fingerless xxx
(to) graft (att) sy/ihop med/ maskstygn
gusset kil
handspun handspunnet
hat(s) (US),toque(s) (UK-Can), cap(s)(soft head covering that loses some of its shape when off the head) xxx
hat(s) (firm head covering that keeps its shape when off the head) xxx
1. hem(s) 2.(to) hem fåll, kant
1. I-cord 2.attached I-cord xxx
increase(s) (INCR) öka, ökningar
increase (by making one) (M1) xxx
increase (by yarn over) (YO) (see also “make one”) ökning med ett omslag
invisible cast on = provisional cast on xxx
jacket(s)(long sleeved garment, opens in front, heavier than a cardigan, can mean light enough for indoor wear, or heavier weight for outdoor wear; suit jacket) xxx
Kitchener stitch xxx
knit (stitch) (K) rät, rätt (r), rät maska (rm)
(to) knit (K) att sticka
knit into front and back(increase by making 1 knit stitch into right/front loop, then knit into left/back loop of the same stitch) (KFP) xxx
knitter(s) stickare, stickerska
knitting machine(s) stickmaskin
knitting-on (cast on) xxx
lace spets
lining foder
lock(s) (tufts of wool / fiber) xxx
long tail (cast on) xxx
make one left / front (M1L/M1F)(left leaning M1 increase) xxx
make one right / back (M1R/M1B)(right leaning M1 increase) xxx
marker(s) (place marker (PM), slip marker) xxx
mitten(s) vante, vantar
moss stitch xxx
napkin(s) servett
odd (rows) avigt varv
Old Norwegian cast on = German twisted cast on xxx
(knitting) pattern(s) (stick) mönster
pick up (stitches),pick up and knit(stitches) plocka upp (maskor), plocka upp och sticka (maskor)poimia
pillowcase(s) kuddöverdrag
placemat(s) underlägg /tablett (under tallrik vid dukning)
provisional cast on = invisible cast on xxx
purl (stitch) (P) avig maska (a)
rib (stitch), ribbing(1×1 = k1p1 repeatedly, 3×2 = k3p2 repeatedly, etc.) resår (maskor), resårstickning
right side (RS) räta sidan, rätsidan
round (one row in circular knitting), (to) knit in the round rundstickning
roving ulltott, förgarn
row(s) rad, rader
seam(s) söm
seed stitch moss
self patterning yarn xxx
self striping yarn xxx
selvedge kantmaska
(to) sew sy
short row(s) avkortat varv
sleeve(s) xxx
slip (knitwise=as if to knit=insert right needle into front of stitch, purlwise=as if to purl=insert right needle into back of stitch) (SL) lyft (rätt=som att maskan skulle stickas rätt, för in stickan i maskans främre maskbåge) (avigt=som att maskan skulle stickas avigt, för in stickan i maskans bakre maskbåge)
slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over (SKP, SKPSSO): slip one stitch knitwise, knit the next stitch, pass slipped stitch over knit stitch (makes aleft leaning decrease) ödhpt (överdragshoptagning)
slip, slip, knit (SSK): slip two stitches knitwise (right loops are now in back), insert left needle into the front (left) side of these 2 stitches, knit the 2 stitches together through back (right) loops (makes a left leaning decrease) 2r tills (lyft 2m för tillbaks dem på stickan och sticka ihop dem rätt genom bakre maskbågarna)
slip, slip, purl (SSP): slip two stitches knitwise, return them to left needle (right side of loops is in back), purl 2 together through back loops 2a tills (lyft 2m för tillbaks dem på stickan och sticka ihop dem avigt genom bakre maskbågarna)
snap(s) tryckknapp (ar)
sock(s) socka,sockor
sole(s) sula (sulor)
(to) spin (into yarn) spinna (garn)
square(s) kvadrat, fyrkant
stitch(es) (ST) maska (maskor) m
stitch pattern xxx
stocking stitch, stockinette stitch (ST ST) slätstickning
stranded knitting xxx
stripe(s) rand, ränder
swatch provlapp, masktäthetsprov
sweater(s), pullover(s)(pullover style) tröja
tablecloth(s) duk
tam(s) basker
tension (UK), gauge stickfastighet, masktäthet
(to) tink (invented term that comes from “knit” spelled backwards) xxx
unfinished object(s) (UFO) ofärdig stickning
(to) unravel (att) repa upp
visor (of cap) skärm
work(s) in progress (WIP) pågående arbeten
wrong side (WS) avigsidan, avig sida
yarn(s) garn
yarn forward (YFWD, YF) (and over needle (YFON), and round needle (YFRN) = YO) xxx
yarn over(s) (YO) omslag

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