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Yarn Porn

Yarn porn photo, courtesy of Abby's Yarns

Photo courtesy Abby’s Yarns

Yarn Porn or Yarn Pr0n is the comical term used to describe euphoric emotions felt by knitters world-wide when exposed to fiber, patterns, websites, books, needles, notions, stores, animals, or any other knitting-related business. The Yarn Porn experience crosses all ethnic, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, gender lines; Yarn Porn does not discriminate. Rather, it is the cosmic fiber that binds knitters around the world into one loving, tight-knit community.

One can spot a Yarn Porn experience from a variety of different indications, including sighs, groans, moments of speechlessness, watering eyes, dropped mouths, uncontrollable fondling fingers and much more.

During these spiritual moments, it is best to not mention anything that might distract the knitter. It is imperative that one not distract the knitter with mention of the fiber’s cost or the knitter’s ungodly amount of already owned stash.