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Sarah Bradberry

This is me in October 2012. I thought it was time to update that twelve year old photo of me that was here before, except now it’s 2021 so I guess I should take a new one 🙂


Sarah Bradberry


April 15th 1970, Surrey, England. Most people ask me where I’m from in New Zealand, but only if they’re not from New Zealand 😉

Current Location

The east coast of Australia but not as close to the beach as I’d like.

Website Stuff

Believe it or not, has been online in one form or another since April, 1996. The days of dial-up, no Google and 1Mb website size limits. Yes, that really does say one megabyte.

I sometimes find that really hard to believe myself. As if you could have ever had a website that was only 1Mb.


Hobbies, obsessions, one of those. I’m quite fond of things that involve string. And making string. And by string, I mean yarn. I really have far too much yarn…

Knitting. I’ve been a knitter since I was five years old. I used to love making toys (actually, I still do) but these days I mostly knit cardigans and jumpers, especially for my kids.
Spinning (fibre, not bikes)
Felt making
Embroidery (hand and freestyle machine embroidery)
Printmaking. I have a degree in printmaking from Sydney College of the Arts, part of Sydney University.
Body piercing and adornment. In general, if it’s creative, I’ll have a go, although I prefer to wear the jewellery rather than poke holes in other people.

Owned by

Cats. Currently Diva, BJ, Tammy and Sabrina.