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Spinning and Dyeing

Cotton spun on a Bosworth attache case charkhaI learnt to spin in the late 1990’s when my sister gave me a bottom whorl spindle and some wool to learn with. It took me a long time to learn from books because in those days, downloading a video to learn that way would have taken a week, and I lived in the middle of nowhere!

The technique I’ve most recently learnt is to spin cotton on a charkha. This photo shows a mix of cotton and recycled sari silk spun on my Bosworth attach√© case charkha.

Note: All the recipes on this page are designed for animal fibres (wool/silk/alpaca/mohair etc) and acid dyes unless otherwise stated, and are not suitable for cellulose based fibres such as cotton/flax/linen.

All of the tutorials on this page were written by myself or my sister Tracy. Tracy’s tutorials appear on with her permission.


Fibre Preparation