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Odd-Ball Sampler Afghan

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Finished afghan

The picture shows the finished afghan. (It's in 2 pieces because I took the photo with it hanging on the washing line)

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Special Notes on the Patterns. Yarn, gauge and needle information for various countries.

Other information you might find interesting: (please use the back button on your browser to return to this page). Please note: There are many more tips files available on the Hints and Tips page.

Wrapping Shortrows
Knitting Coloured Bobbles
How to Graft Stitches Together
Moss and Seed St
Hints for Working Intarsia
Tips for Fixing the Loose St on the Edge of Cables and Intarsia

The Patterns

The Border
Sewing it Together
Adapting the Size of the Afghan
Making Squares into Cushion Covers
How to make squares into Washcloths (or Dishcloths)

The Squares

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