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Oddball Sampler Afghan Square #14: Magic Diamond

Magic Diamond Afghan Square


I used approx 50gm of oddments of 8 ply 100% Wool in various shades of pink and green.


20sts and 28 rows to 4 inches (10cm) over st-st on 4.5mm needles, or needles needed to obtain gauge.


WT = Wrap and turn: K to the point where your pattern says to turn but don’t turn the work yet.
Bring your yarn to the front of the work,
Sl the next st from the left hand needle,
take your yarn to the back of the work,
Sl the st back to the left hand needle.
Turn your work.
The next time you knit the wrapped st, knit the wrapped yarn along with the stitch it is wrapped around, thus:
Put the needle up through the wrap on the right side of the work, put the needle through the st and K the two together.


Cast on 23 sts and work as follows:

1st and 2nd rows: K23

*3rd row: K22, WT

4th and all alternate rows: Knit

5th row: K21, WT

7th row: K20, WT

9th row: K19, WT

Continue working in this manner until you reach K1, WT, K1

Change colour.

1st row: K1, WT

2nd and all alternate rows: Knit

3rd row: K2, WT

5th row: K3, WT

7th row: K4, WT

9th row: K5, WT

Continue working in this manner until you reach K23, turn, K23. **

Repeat from * to ** once more, cast off. Make another strip the same.

Join seam to form a square as shown in the picture and block.

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry, March 1998

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