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Embroidery Flashback – 10 Weeks of TAST

A quick flashback to ten weeks of the Take a Stitch on Tuesday embroidery challenge.

1: Fly stitch

Fly stitch hand embroidery sampler

2: Blanket and buttonhole stitch

Embroidered blanket stitch sampler. Embroidered blanket and buttonhole stitch sampler

3: Feather stitch

Embroidered feather sttch sampler with lines of different types of feather stitch and feather stitch shading Embroidered feather stitch sampler with seaweed and beading

4: Cretan stitch

Variations on cretan stitch embroidery with a woodblock printed tree Sampler with variations on cretan stitch embroidery.

5: Herringbone stitch

Embroidered sampler in herringbone stitch with flower and decorative borders

6: Chevron stitch

Embroidered sampler of chevron stitch for TAST week 6

7: Detached chain stitch

Embroidered sampler featuring detached chain stitch flowers, tree, geometric motifs, butterflies and borders.

8: Chain stitch

TAST Week 8, Embroidered Chain Stitch Sampler TAST Week 8, Embroidered Chain Stitch Sampler on a Spoonflower Fabric Swatch

9: Couching

Embroidered sampler with couched flowers, sun and bugs

10: Running stitch

Embroidered running stitch sampler on green fabric with white spots.

Ten weeks, fourteen 8×8 inch samplers. (Plus a few other projects)

Now I know why I have those callouses on my finger tips…



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