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Category: Sewing

And So To Embroider – Decorating Cushions and More!

And So To Embroider bulletin 30 by the NDS
And So To Embroider 30

This week, in bulletin 30 of “And So To Embroider” by the Needlework Development Scheme, we learn all about sewing and embroidering cushions. Quilted cushions, designing cushions, bolsters and trims. We also find out exactly what a “housewife opening” is, and I discovered that I’ve been using them for years!

In previous weeks we’ve discovered all sorts of new techniques.

And So To Embroider 29b: Designing with Flowers, teaches us how to design from nature using floral motifs, complete with projects.

And So To Embroider 28b: Designing with Letters, features a full cross stitch alphabet and teaches us to design monograms in a large range of styles including Assisi work, padded satin stitch and more.

And So To Embroider 27b: Edgings and Trimmings, is full of tips and techniques for adding fringes, hem stitching and trims.

And So To Embroider 26b: Designing with Leaves, contains a lovely mid century needlework bag with leaf design to make, a cushion project, new embroidery stitches and tips for designing your own motifs and projects based on leaf shapes.

And So To Embroider 25b: Designing Four Aprons, features patterns for sewing three aprons, with design ideas for a fourth, plus lots of other projects for your kitchen.

And So To Embroider 24b: Preparing to Embroider, covers the right needles and transfer techniques for a range of materials and styles of embroidery.

And So To Embroider 23b: Embroidery on Woven Textiles, teaches us to look at woven textiles in a whole new way, and to put the floating threads in a weave to good use as part of an embroidered design, or even adding tassels to them.

And So To Embroider 22b: Designing for the Breakfast Table, features a range of projects for a special “breakfast in bed” tray or dining room table.

As always, I’ve included modern video and photo tutorials for any techniques included, for my fellow “visual” learners.

You’ll find all of these, along with bulletins 1 to 21 (and a whole lot more!) on the Vintage Needlework Books page. I hope you’re enjoying them, and I’ll continue adding a new leaflet every week until the end of the series.


And So To Sew – The Full Set Now Available

And So To Sew bulletin 23a by The Needlework Development Scheme

The full set of vintage “And So To Sew” by the Needlework Development Scheme is now available! Covering everything from the basics of dressmaking to a range of mid century patterns to make, “And So To Sew’ was a part of many girl’s school life in mid 20th century Britain.

Don’t forget that here at, we’re still making a new issue of “And So To Embroider” available every week, with 29 bulletins uploaded so far. This week’s leaflet covers designing with flowers.

You’ll find all of the “And So To Sew” bulletins and every “And So To Embroider” bulletin I have made available so far on the Vintage Embroidery and Sewing Books page. There’s much more there too, with over 70 titles to choose from!

And So To Sew and Embroider Dresses, Skirts and Waistcoats

And So To Sew bulletin 21a
And So to Embroider leaflet 21b by The Needlework Development Scheme

This week in the “And So To Sew” and “And So to Embroider” series from the Needlework Development Scheme we have two leaflets dedicated to clothing.

Firstly, “And So To Sew” bulletin 21a features full patterns for a 1950’s teen skirt and waistcoat, which can be adapted to a range of sizes. And in “And So To Embroider” bulletin 21b, we learn how to design embroidery for the yoke, horizontal and vertical borders on dresses for little girls.

I’ve included a video tutorial on working the basic cable stitch for smocked panels, for those of us who find video instruction easier to follow.


And So To Catch Up

And Sew to Sew 18a by The Needlework Development Scheme
And So To Embroider bulleting 18b - designing toy horses by the Needlework Development Scheme
And So To Sew bulletin 19a by The Needlework Development Scheme
And So To Embroider bulleting 19b by the Needlework Development Scheme

Due to unforeseen circumstances (I.E. I forgot), I didn’t let you know about last week’s new “And So To Sew” and “and So To Embroider” bulletins, so this week I’m letting you know about four!

These bulletins on sewing dressing gowns and bath robes, making and designing embroidered toy horses, inserting zippers and sewing for entertaining can all be found on the vintage embroidery books page.

There are now 39 leaflets available, with many more to come! As always, I have added modern photo or video tutorials wherever possible.