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And So To Embroider 27b – Edgings and Trimmings

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And So To Embroider leaflet 27b by the Needlework Development Scheme

Leaflet 27b in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Embroider” covers a range of techniques and ideas for finishing the edges on embroidered projects. These include:

  • A variation on the dressing table curtain and pelmet from bulletin 13a
  • Fringe knotted onto felt
  • A table mat with knotted fringe made from the frayed fabric
  • Double hemstitched fringe
  • Fringe and hems using four sided stitch
  • A cushion with finger cord edging, including how to make the finger cord
  • A lampshade with crocheted edging

 Download “And So To Embroider” bulletin 27b

Modern Tutorials

How to Fray Fabric for a Decorative Edge by Colleen G Lea

Adding a Knotted Fringe to Any Project by Wonderfil Threads

If you’re not using rayon, an overhand knot will work fine. I find they look neater than the knots used in the video.

Four-Sided Stitch by Liz Westlake

Hem Stitch by Make It Coats

Double Hemstitch by Make It Coats

Finger Cords by Weave With Pat

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