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And So To Embroider 26b – Designing with Leaves

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And So To Embroider leaflet 26b by The Needlework Development Scheme

Leaflet 26b in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Embroider” includes several projects and ideas for designing with leaves.

  • Pattern for a square cushion (the embroidery designs for this project are on the cover of the leaflet)
  • A curtain for a book shelf (using leaf shapes directly from nature)
  • A trolley cloth (using sprigs of leaves)
  • An embroidered work bag (using designs cut from paper. (See “And So To Embroider” 11b and “And So To Embroider” 12b for details on designing with paper).
  • Scroll stitch embroidery
  • Portuguese border stitch
  • Raised chain band

 Download “And So To Embroider” bulletin 26b

Modern Embroidery Tutorials

The following are some video tutorials on working the embroidery stitches covered in this leaflet

Scroll Stitch by Mary Corbet

Portuguese Border Stitch by Ruth’s Stitchery

Raised Chain Band by Mary Corbet

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