I'm very much a novice tatter so rather than tutorials written by me, this section of knitting-and.com houses my collection of vintage and antique tatting patterns that have fallen into the public domain.

If you'd like to learn to tatt, Craftsy have an excellent class that teaches you the basics of shuttle tatting and includes several patterns to get you started.

For instructions on learning to tatt I recommend The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones. I used it to learn the basics of tatting and found it very useful and to learn new techniques, I recommend the Online Tatting Course

vintage crochet and tatting book

Some of the most beautiful antique crochet patterns I've found so far. This is the whole book (almost!) in pdf format. 45 crochet patterns and some tatting. I've included a link here because it includes tatting patterns.

Tatting for Beginners and Experts by Semco. Semco Instruction Book No 16

. Semco Instruction Book No 16.