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Tatted and Crocheted Bag

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Tatted and Crocheted Bag from The Modern Priscilla for March, 1913

from The Modern Priscilla for March, 1913


  • Three 100-yard spools of silkateen;
  • two shuttles, or one shuttle and spool;
  • one medium size steel crochet hook.

Body of Bag

Make 5 double stitches (d s), and picot (p); repeat until there are 5 picots, then draw up in the usual way, leaving the ring open about one half inch.

Make another ring, join in first p, continue until 24 rings are made, then join the last ring to the first one, forming a circle.

The remaining rows are made same as first one, joining the middle p each time to centre of space in rings of preceding row.


Make a ring of 8 picots, with 2 d s between, tie, and cut the threads.

Then 2 d s, p, 2 d s, join to p of the ring, 2 d s, p, 2 d s, close, fasten on the second thread and make a ch of 4 d s, 5 p, separated by 2 d s, 4 d s.

Alternate the rings and chains until 8 of each are made.


In making this, two shuttles, or one shuttle and one spool, are required.

With one thread make a ring of 5 d s, 1 p, 5 d s, 1 p, 5 d s, 1 p, 5 d s, close;

tie on second thread, make 6 d s, then take first thread, make another ring, then take second thread, make 6 d s, then take first thread, make another ring same as first, joining it to the first ring made.

Repeat from beginning.

Crocheted Balls

Begin with ch of 4 sts and join.

Chain 1, 8 single crochet (s) over ring, join.

2nd row: Three s, widen (two in one), then 4 s, and widen, and continue around until there are 10 stitches in the 2nd row.

Crochet 4 rows plain, then enclose a tiny ball of cotton, then narrow, taking up every other st, until only one remains, leave a thread four or five inches long to join the ball to the bag.

To join the wheel-band and the top, use needle and thread, whipping over the plain threads of the rings (in body of
bag), 3 st, catch in p of wheel, 3 more whip stitches, then 1 whip stitch in between, 3 more, and catch p – continue until all are joined.

Each row of the plain thread is whipped over in the same way, which holds each ring firmly in place.

The cord, which draws up the top of this bag, is knitted through a spool on six pins, as most kindergarten children
know how to do, each end finished with three crocheted balls. (Dear modern knitters, that’s a 6 stitch i-cord).

A ribbon or a silk cord may be substituted. Line with silk or any desired material.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, June 30th 2013. All rights reserved.

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