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Category: Sewing

Yo-Yo Smocking

I recently came across the term “yo-yo smocking”, while doing some research online. As a long term fan of Clover yo-yo makers, I had to learn more.

I really love the scarves made with knit fabric, and this video by the amazing Nancy Zieman shows how to make them from start to finish. It also covers how to use yo-yo smocked fabrics in a sewing project, and how to make scalloped yo-yo appliqués.


An Impromptu Tutorial: Repairing a Teddy Bear

While our family were checking out the various recycling yards and op shops in our area the other day, my son adopted a poor little teddy bear he named Blinky.

Teddy bear with a missing eye

Meet Blinky.

Charlie felt sorry for Blinky, and convinced that I could fix him, he brought the bear home.

It turned out that I had a matching eyeball in my stash. What self respecting crafter doesn’t have an eyeball stash? (I have noses too) 😉

The result? Please enjoy my new tutorial: How to replace a teddy bear’s eye.


Flower Trim Tutorial

Felt and leather flowers

New on today! A new tutorial on making floral trim from ribbon and scrap fabrics. (Click on the link for the tutorial). You can make them out of anything that doesn’t fray, including felt, leather and fabrics bonded to iron on interfacing.

I made mine from leather furnishing samples and the blankets that I dyed last year.

My flower trims will be used on a fabric book in the near future so keep an eye out for them!


Daisy Petal Collar and Cuffs – Vintage Sewing Pattern

Searching through Trove the other day, I found this really cute sewing pattern for daisy petal collar and cuffs.

Daisy Collar Sewing Pattern

I’ve never seen a collar treatment like this in any modern drafting books. It could be used as is, or you can play with the shapes of the petals for a number of different effects. I think it would be particularly pretty made with an ombre fabric so the petals are darker near the neckline and lighter at the tips. You could even use a liquid fabric paint to colour them.

Check out the pattern from the Brisbane Courier, January 16th 1932.

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Please let me know if there are any vintage techniques you’d like me to include. I have more plushwork templates to share coming up, plus some exciting vintage sewing leaflets so stay tuned!


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