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Week 3 of Our Sewing and Embroidery Adventure

This week’s “And So To Sew”, and “And So To Embroider” bulletins really kick off into some great projects.

Dirndl skirt and two aprons

And So To Sew bulletin 3 includes full patterns and instructions for two aprons, plus a dirndl skirt with shaped or straight waistband.

While And So To Embroider 3b (aka And So To Sew Embroidery Section 3b) teaches us to embroider them, and a cushion, with interesting spot motifs. It also introduces a new range of embroidery stitches.

As always with these leaflets, I have included links to video and photo tutorials for each technique or stitch, so as many people as possible can get the most out each week.


Furness Tatting Book Download

Furness Tatting Designs Number 2

I’m so excited to say I finally managed to find a copy of the beautiful Furness Tatting Designs number 2 booklet from New Zealand to Share with you! This booklet contains many stunning designs including the bride’s halo shown on the cover, and a really nice baby bonnet that would be a very nice piece for a doll collector or christening outfit.

Check out the full list of tatting booklets available for Furness Tatting Designs numbers 1 and 3.

Now if I could just find number 4…


And So To Continue

Those “And So To” puns are going to get old really quickly. I should totally stop that.


Today we continue “And So To Sew”, and “And So To Embroider” with the second leaflet in each series.

And So To Sew 2a - collars

And So To Sew bulletin 2a contains two full patterns for making these cute collars. The one on the left is my favourite.

And So to Sew 2b cover

And So To Embroider 2b (aka “And So To Sew Embroidery Section 2b”) contains lots of new stitches and a section on choosing suitable threads and fabrics for different types of projects.

As always with these leaflets, I have included links to modern video and photo tutorials so that everyone can get the most out of the information within. They’re a real treasure and I wanted to make sure they were as useful to as many people as possible.


And So To Create

I have been collecting these vintage leaflets for quite a few years now, and am very excited to finally be able to begin sharing them with you now that I have managed to find complete sets!

Today we begin a journey into vintage sewing and embroidery with the “And So To Sew”, and “and So To Embroider” series from the UK. I have three leaflets for you today, due to a very unexpected surprise while I was scanning. They include two sewing leaflets that cover creating with felt, and one embroidery leaflet covering basic stitches, needle and fabric choices.

Wherever possible, I have included links to modern videos and photo tutorials that cover each topic.

Please note that the early “And So to Embroider” leaflets were named “And So To Sew Embroidery Section”.

And Sew to Sew 1a cap and mittens

And So To Sew 1a – felt mittens and hat. These are also a great pair of patterns for anyone who likes to felt and upcycle old jumpers/sweaters.

Felt donkey and puppet

And So To Sew 1a – alternate. Felt toys (slightly edited). I suspect this leaflet was released before WW2 and the rationing of fabrics and paper  as the toys are very much in the style of the late 30’s. It is never mentioned again in the series, whereas the bulletin with the felt and mittens project is.

And Sew to Embroider Cover No1b

And So To Embroider 1b (aka And So To Sew Embroidery Section 1b). Materials, needles and threads. Varieties of running stitch and cross stitches.

Come back next week for the next leaflets in the series, or sign up to be notified of every new post! (on the left on desktop, or under the post on tablets and mobile).


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