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Category: Knitting

Update on Where to Find my Knitting Patterns

A baby doll in a knitted sleeping bag, inside a drawstring bag that becomes a cradle when the top of the bag is folded over to the outside.
The Baby Doll Cradle purse knitting pattern

As I can no longer sell my knitting patterns on Ravelry due to not being able to view the site, I’ve chosen to make them available on Payhip, so they remain available for anyone that would like to purchase them.

See my Knitting Books and Patterns for Sale page for more information on all the books and patterns I have available!

If you bought any of my patterns on Ravelry, you should still have them available in your library to download any time you want them. However, if you would like to ask any questions about the instructions, you’ll need to contact me here and I’ll be happy to help.


New Lace Edging Patterns for Knitters!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new knitting patterns, so today I’m sharing ten at once! These are all antique patterns from my collection that I’ve updated into modern knitting terms, charted and test knit for you.

Knitted sample of lace for long curtains. Featuring lace lozenges and diamonds and a frilly border.
Just one of the new patterns available on today!

Click on the pattern name or the photo to go to the individual patterns.

I hope you enjoy this selection of lace edgings and insertions. I still have many more in my collection to add in the future.


New Knitted Lace Border Pattern!

Knitted lace border with eyelet pattern of double diamonds and pennant flags

This week’s knitting pattern is based on a knitted doily edging from 1884. The reason it took me two weeks to get this one online, rather than giving it to you last week is because I had to rework the way the diamonds transition from one to the next, and kept changing my mind about how to do it, which meant a LOT of knitting.

I hope you enjoy the new pattern for the Knitted Diamond and Flag Border.

If you enjoy knitted lace edgings, don’t forget to check out the whole collection! My collection of knitted collars (because they’re usually just big edgings), insertions and edgings.


Today’s Uncommon Knitting Pattern

A yellow knitted lace edging with wide open bands of textured lace and a pointed edge

Today’s knitting pattern is a very unusual lace edging rescued from the advice column of the Melbourne Leader from 1884. I’m a sucker for any 19th century lace edging that doesn’t have a picture of the finished lace, because they’re usually ignored or missed by modern knitters and are sometimes very special, like this one.

Check out the knitting pattern for “Uncommon Lace”. I’ve updated, charted and test knit it so you don’t have to.


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