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New Blouse, Purse and Bonnet Sewing Patterns

This week’s “And So To Sew” leaflet will teach you how to sew blouses, including a full pattern for a cute drawstring blouse for girls. And So To Embroider will teach you to sew and embroider a felt purse and bonnet.

As always, I have included a selection of modern video or photo tutorials for each of the techniques presented in the bulletins for those of us who learn better with visual instructions.

"And So To Sew" leaflet 5a

And So To Sew Bulletin 5a includes all the information you need to make a simple blouse from a commercial pattern, plus a full pattern for the girl’s drawstring blouse.

This pattern would be a great one if you like to upcycle, or for someone who is learning to sew.

And So To Embroider leaflet 5b

And So To Embroider Bulletin 5b includes the full pattern for a felt bonnet and purse, plus instructions for all of the embroidery stitches used.

This is another great pattern for upcyclers. I can imagine these purses made from felted jumpers (sweaters) or hand made felt. You could even adapt the pattern for regular fabric by adding a seam allowance and sewing a lining to the out fabric before making it up.

I hope you’re enjoying the “And So To Sew” and “And So To Embroider” bulletins from the 1950’s. You can find the whole collection so far in the Vintage Embroidery and Sewing Books section of, and I’ll be uploading a new one of each set every week until the collection is complete!

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