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And So To Sew 5a – Blouses

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And So To Sew leaflet 5a

Leaflet 5a in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Sew” includes:

  • A pattern for a girl’s drawstring blouse and instructions on making it
  • How to sew and adjust a simple tailored blouse from a commercial pattern (pattern not included)
  • Run and fell seams
  • Sewing tucks
  • How to sew darts
  • Bound buttonholes
  • How to insert a sleeve
  • Making and attaching a collar
  • Button loops

 Download “And Sew To Sew” leaflet 5a

Modern Tutorials

Since we don’t all have access to a sewing teacher, I include modern tutorials with all of the Needlework Development Scheme leaflets to help everyone get the most out of them.

Run and Fell Seams by DavisBonnick

Sewing Tucks by Threads

How to Sew Darts by The Awl-Nighter

Bound Buttonholes by Professor Pinchushion

How to Insert a Sleeve by Made to Sew

This very thorough tutorial gives you all the information you need to insert a sleeve in any garment.

Button Loops by Professor Pincushion

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