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And So To Embroider 5b

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Leaflet 5b in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Embroider” includes:

  • Embroidery designs for a felt purse and bonnet with couched embroidery – the pattern for the bonnet can be found in “And So To Sew” leaflet 1a, whilst the purse is a long felt rectangle in a size of your choice,  folded into a bag with a flap and sewn at the sides.
  • Couching
  • French knots
  • Chevron stitch
  • Roumanian couching
  • Fly stitch
  • Designs for several borders using these stitches

 Download “And So To Embroider” leaflet 5b

Modern Tutorials

Since we don’t all have someone to help out in person when we get stuck, I’ve included some tutorials for each stitch by Mary Corbet.


French Knots

Chevron Stitch

Roumanian Couching

Fly Stitch (Vertical)

Fly Stitch (Horizontal) by Mary Corbet

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