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And So To Create

I have been collecting these vintage leaflets for quite a few years now, and am very excited to finally be able to begin sharing them with you now that I have managed to find complete sets!

Today we begin a journey into vintage sewing and embroidery with the “And So To Sew”, and “and So To Embroider” series from the UK. I have three leaflets for you today, due to a very unexpected surprise while I was scanning. They include two sewing leaflets that cover creating with felt, and one embroidery leaflet covering basic stitches, needle and fabric choices.

Wherever possible, I have included links to modern videos and photo tutorials that cover each topic.

Please note that the early “And So to Embroider” leaflets were named “And So To Sew Embroidery Section”.

And Sew to Sew 1a cap and mittens

And So To Sew 1a – felt mittens and hat. These are also a great pair of patterns for anyone who likes to felt and upcycle old jumpers/sweaters.

Felt donkey and puppet

And So To Sew 1a – alternate. Felt toys (slightly edited). I suspect this leaflet was released before WW2 and the rationing of fabrics and paperĀ  as the toys are very much in the style of the late 30’s. It is never mentioned again in the series, whereas the bulletin with the felt and mittens project is.

And Sew to Embroider Cover No1b

And So To Embroider 1b (aka And So To Sew Embroidery Section 1b). Materials, needles and threads. Varieties of running stitch and cross stitches.

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  1. Linda Cooke

    Hello Sarah, What a surprise when I read your post about the And Sew to Sew leaflets. A real blast from the past for me. We were
    given them at the trade school I was fortunate enough to get a place at, here in Manchester UK in 1951- 1953. We were taught either dressmaking or tailoring and allied skills and crafts. I think I may still have one or two leaflets packed away in my loft space but sadly I cannot get up there anymore. I eventually became a fully qualified dressmaker in several very high class establishments in Manchester. I have always been a needlewoman, I got hooked when my Gran first gave me a needle and showed me how to use it
    at about three years old. I have done embroidery and other needle crafts and love to read about anything about them. I don’t do much sewing now due to arthritis and eyesight problems.So thank you for taking me on a trip down memory lane.
    Yours Linda Cooke

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