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And So To Embroider 1b

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And Sew to Embroider Cover No1b

The earlier issues of the Needlework Development Scheme’s embroidery leaflets were called “And Sew to Sew  Embroidery Section”, with the letter b after the number.

Leaflet 1b is the simplest in the series and includes:

  • A very basic introduction to embroidery with tips on choosing the right thread and needle for your project.
  • Photographic samples of an embroidered belt in linen, and a woollen clutch purse.
  • A sampler including various running stitches (double, whipped, threaded and interlaced), and half cross stitch.

I have scanned the images at a very high resolution so you can zoom in for a close look.

 Download “And Sew to Embroider” leaflet 1b

Video Instructions

If you’re like me, and you really like to learn from videos, here are some to cover the stitches shown in the leaflet.

These video embroidery tutorials are by Mary Corbet, unless otherwise noted.

Running Stitch

Double Running Stitch, aka Holbein Stitch by Ruth’s Embroidery

Whipped Running Stitch

Threaded Running Stitch by Shagufta Fyms

This is not an English language video but is still very easy to follow.

Interlaced Running Stitch (Pintangle photo tutorial)

Worked like raised cretan stitch, but over a base of running stitch instead of back stitch.

Half Cross Stitch by Sarah Homfray Embroidery



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