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Tag: free knitting patterns

Free Knitting Pattern – Pretty Check

Today’s featured knitting pattern is a pretty check stitch pattern from The Queensland Times, August 3rd 1936

I’m going to post today’s free pattern here because I’ve added a picture and updated it with a cast on count and by adding some stitches at the end so you’re not working a slip stitch on the edge. Click the link above to see the original pattern (no picture).

Check stitch from 1936

Here is a pretty check pattern in knitting for use on children’s clothes or a jumper for an adult. It can easily be adapted to any pattern it is desired to work. The six rows of the actual check pattern, arranged here for grey wool with a red check, are as follows-

Cast on any number of stitches that can be evenly divided by four, plus three extra

Row 1: Using red wool, knit plain to end of row.

Row 2: Purl to end of row.

Row 3: In grey wool, knit three, slip one, repeat to the last three stitches, knit three.

Row 4: Purl three, slip one (same stitch as was slipped in previous row), purl three, repeat to end of row.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 once. These six rows make the check pattern and are repeated as often as required. Finish having just worked row 2.


Free Knitting Pattern for a Work Bag

Today’s featured free knitting pattern is one of my favourites.

Vintage style work bag with free knitting pattern

A Knitted Work Bag from the Brisbane Courier, November 29th 1928

This bag is made from a large knitted rectangle, gathered at the top to fit the handles. Simply knit a rectangle, line one side with fabric and attach to whatever style handles you like.

I knit mine with worsted weight wool but you can easily knit one with fingering weight yarn and use smaller handles for a dainty hand bag.

I hope you’re enjoying my showcase of vintage and free patterns so far. If you have any requests please let me know in the comments!


Free Knitting Pattern – Vintage Shopping Bag

I came across today’s free knitting pattern while trying to find a different one. I liked this one so much that I’m going to add it to my Ravelry queue 🙂

Free knitting pattern for a vintage shopping bag

Knit from fingering weight cotton on large needles with comfy padded handles.

From the pattern:

“THIS little carry-all is especially useful. It weighs under 2oz., has firm, padded handles that are comfortable to hold, and can be carried in a handbag in case one sees an unexpected bargain.”

I don’t know about you but that happens to me all the time (and I have the stash to prove it)! 🙂

Make a Bag from Knitting Cotton from the Western Mail (Perth, Western Australia), December 18th 1947

Tomorrow I’ll show you one of my favourite work bags that I knit from a vintage pattern.


Free Knitting Pattern – Maurice the Monkey

Apologies for not having posted any free patterns recently. I’ve had vertigo for quite some time, so instead of posting new patterns on my site I’ll be showing some of my favourites from around the internet.

Maurice the Monkey is a great way to learn the knitted loop stitch.

Maurice the Monkey, with free knitting pattern

He’s made completely of rectangles so you won’t have to work out how to decrease while creating the loops, and he’s a real stunner. Make him for a little one or to keep your sock monkey collection company!

Maurice the Monkey from “The Land”,  Friday the 27th of March, 1936

I hope to showcase a new pattern daily, so feel free to sign up for notifications whenever I make a post.


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