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Revisiting Pekinese Stitch for TAST

My latest TAST embroidery sampler page revisits one of my favourite stitches, Pekinese (aka Pekingese) stitch.

While reading “New Stitches for Needlecraft” by Edith John, I found some examples I couldn’t wait to try out.

An embroidery sampler showing various ways to use Pekinese stitch.

My favourite techniques include stitching several rows of back stitch in shades of the same colour as I did with the pink and green arch, and stitching several rows of back stitch with gaps between the rows, as I did with the pear on the bottom left.

TAST is now a few stitches further along. I’ve been keeping up with my stitching, just not blogging about them so excuse me for a moment while I go and iron my new work so I can take photos!


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