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The Trouble with Moving House

We’re supposed to be moving house soon(er or later) and the trouble with not knowing when we’re leaving is that I have packed my “stuff” and I get bored.
When I am bored I watch videos about things I wish I was doing on Youtube 🙂
To celebrate my wishing I was carding art batts and spinning fun things, I present you with a playlist I have made about various carding and spinning techniques. At the time of posting this it had 16 videos in it so you’ll need a cuppa. Or you could watch it while you’re spinning something…

(Changed to a link because embedding isn’t working)

Now if I can just find which box I packed my knitting projects in I could start that jacket I wanted to make for Miss Brittany. I should be able to get it done just in time for Summer…

How to Make a Peg Bucket from a Drink Container

I have been planning on sewing a pretty peg holder for months, but my sewing machine broke and I haven’t been able to get it fixed yet. With a baby running around there wouldn’t be much sewing going on anyway…

I decided to chop up a milk container instead. It takes 5 minutes and all you need are an old milk or juice container with a handle, a pair of scissors and a marker pen.
Firstly, draw a semicircle across the top of the bottle to create an opening for holding the pegs. Draw another line at the base of the handle.

Milk bottle with cutting lines for making a peg bucket

Cut out the semicircle to create the opening. Cut a small wedge from the base of the handle so you can hang it on the washing line.

Peck bucket made from a milk container


If you’re like me and you always forget to bring the pegs indoors, poke a couple of holes in the bottom to let the water out when it rains.

Now I just have to make another one. We have a lot of pegs 🙂

I Hate Networks

I really, really hate networks.

A couple of weeks ago Mr Knittingand moved my computer four feet to the left and the network hasn’t worked reliably since.

Our home network arbitrarily dismisses people from it’s clique, the internet connection only connects sometimes and when it does connect it has decided it doesn’t like gmail, Ravelry or the Yarn Harlot.

At least I had a cup of tea and got to read Mr Stephen Fry this morning or there’d be hell to pay.

If I didn’t earn my entire living with them I’d say I hate computers but the bills need paying and the kids need clothing so I suppose I’ll have to keep fighting them.
Maybe I should move my computer four feet to the right and see if that fixes it…

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