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See You There!

pluckyfluff SYDNEY!!  yeah!

And if anyone can give me a lift from Stanmore station to the venue both days (and back), I’ll not only be your best friend but I’ll give you a big goody bag of fibrey fun stuff too!

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  1. Laurie

    Hi Sarah! I’m hoping you can help me complete a project…I am in need of purchasing 2, 1945 style knitted Christmas Stockings. I do not knit but, I would love to complete my family set. 2 of our children (23 and 21 yrs) comment every Christmas that their stockings don’t match the rest of the family. Would you or could you recommend someone to take on this project. These are red, green and white personalized knitted 20″ stockings. I see you offer the pattern on your site. Thanks much and Happy Holidays!

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