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The Trouble with Moving House

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We’re supposed to be moving house soon(er or later) and the trouble with not knowing when we’re leaving is that I have packed my “stuff” and I get bored.
When I am bored I watch videos about things I wish I was doing on Youtube 🙂
To celebrate my wishing I was carding art batts and spinning fun things, I present you with a playlist I have made about various carding and spinning techniques. At the time of posting this it had 16 videos in it so you’ll need a cuppa. Or you could watch it while you’re spinning something…

(Changed to a link because embedding isn’t working)

Now if I can just find which box I packed my knitting projects in I could start that jacket I wanted to make for Miss Brittany. I should be able to get it done just in time for Summer…

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  1. Jane Skinner

    Hi Sarah,
    Have just discovered your website and printed off a PDF of one of your tea cosies. Great website. Just wanted to thank you. We’re snowed in in Kent, so I thought I’d start a new project!

  2. becky

    Hi, your contact info says to post a comment if I have a question. I have a question about the Ladies Work Mittens pattern. After working the 22 rows of rib, it says to work two rows in the contrasting color on bigger needles. Are these rows also ribbed, or simply knit?

  3. glenda

    Sarah, I thought Harry Potter’s wizard scarf was navy blue & gold. I’m making this for my grandson. What does “graft” the end closed mean???

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