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Lock and Feathered Chain Stitch Embroidery Sampler

After stitching three samplers for week 55 of the Take a Stitch Tuesday embroidery challenge, I ended up working stitches 56 and 57 onto a single sampler. I still managed to record everything I wanted to remember though!

Stitch 57 was feathered chain stitch, which I’ve done before and is a real favourite of mine. The version of feathered chain stitch that I know is slightly different to the one Sharon uses, so I recorded both versions in a range of different threads, plus one in green perle cotton with beads up the centre.

Lock, double lock, and feathered chain stitch embroidery sampler

Stitch 56, lock and double lock stitch were totally new to me, however. I tried them in circles, as fillings, and with beads which I think all work really well. The real surprise was when I worked them into leaf shapes with the initial straight stitches leaning in different directions on the flower on the right. I really like the way the dark green leaf on the left looks.

I’ll definitely be using this stitch in the future. I think it would be a great stitch to use in combination borders for all sorts of purposes.

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