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TAST – Tulip Stitch and Woven Detached Chain Sampler

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I have been madly stitching away on TAST samplers, but had totally forgotten to tell anyone about them, so I’m having a bit of a catch up 🙂

Today I’m posting about stitches 58 and 59, slipped detached chain (aka tulip stitch) and woven detached chain.

Tulip stitch and woven detatched chain stitch embroidery sampler for TAST, Take a Stitch Tuesday 2016

Click on the photo for a closer look.

I worked this sampler on a painted frame sample from an online class called ICQC-102, paints dyes and inks. I decided for this sampler, I would play with different threads, scale and stitch direction.

Most of the threads used are perle cottons of various sizes, although the very large stitches are done with a single ply knitting worsted yarn. I’ve forgotten the name of the yarn but it’s Noro brand and a combination of wool and silk.

The small green flower at the bottom is worked in crewel wool.

Next up, I jam a whole lot of stitches into one sampler!


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