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Embroidered Birds and Cap Sleeve Blouses

This week “And So To Sew” and “And So To Embroider” include full patterns for your projects so you can get sewing (and embroidering!) straight away.

And Sew to Sew 16a by the NDS

And So to Sew bulletin 16a contains a pattern and instructions to sew a cute late 50’s cap sleeve blouse to fit a 32 or 34 inch bust, with instructions to make four variations of the pattern. I think this blouse would look equally nice with a period perfect circle skirt or a modern pair of jeans or tailored pants.

And So To Embroider 16b by the Needlework Development Scheme. Designing Toys (Bird Shapes)

While And So To Embroider bulletin 16b is all about making embroidered toy birds for play and decoration. Included is a full pattern for a chicken, with instructions on ways to make each of your birds unique.

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