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Tied Waffle Weave Looms

Tied waffle weave centrepiece made on the Lily Speed-O-Weave loomTied waffle weave (not to be confused with regular waffle weave), is a type of lace fabric made by winding yarn back and forth across a loom to form a grid, then tying it at the intersections from the back. Using different coloured yarns, and winding and tying the yarn in different ways, many different designs can be created. Below you’ll find instructions and projects for the looms I have in my collection.

Basic Weaves and Techniques

Also check out theseĀ five techniques for joining motifs (on the Butterfly Loom UK website)

Bucilla Adjustable Waffle Weave Loom

Butterfly Loom

Lily Speed-O-Weave Looms

Magic and Mini Looms