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Approximately 1.2 metres square


Medium Butterfly Loom (22 x 22cm) You can buy one from The Butterfly Loom at, along with instructions on how to use it.


1 ball Red: Geranium Colour #307
1 ball Orange: Orange Colour #378
1 ball Yellow: Gold Colour #336
1 ball Green: Veridant Colour #320
1 1/2 balls Blue: Saxe Colour #310
1 ball Purple: Regal Colour #337
7 1/2 balls White Colour #301

Note: This pattern has not been tested so these amounts are approximate.
To make sure you have enough yarn make squares until you have used up a whole ball of yarn and use this number to work out how many balls you’ll need to complete your cushion.


Using the medium size loom, make:
50 White squares, 10 blue squares and 8 squares of each of the remaining colours.

Sew them together following the diagram, sewing the edge knots on adjacent squares to each other and leaving the free loops on the front of your work.
chart for the checkered butterfly loomed rug

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 30th 2002. All rights reserved.

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