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The Perfection Cuddly Toymaking Kit

Cover of the Perfection Cuddly Toymaking Kit No. 1

The Perfection Cuddly Toymaking Kit was originally published in the early 1950’s in Australia as a home education course for women who wanted to earn extra money making toys, bags, novelties and flowers. The ten booklets contain two lessons each, designed to build on the skills of the student, with well over 20 projects to make.

Whether you love to sew retro toys, or use them as a starting point for creating your own designs, you’re going to love “The Perfection Cuddly Toymaking Kit”. I seriously need to sew the knitting bag, and I wonder if the penguin is the right size for all those excess penguin sweaters that must be lying around these days…

Retro scottie dog made of felt. Free pattern. Book 1: Multi Coloured Ball and Novel Scottie Dog made of felt

PDF download Download Book 1 in pdf format

Baby rabbit made of felt. Free pattern. Book 2: An Appealing “Baby” Rabbit and “Large Eared Dog” made of felt

PDF download Download Book 2 in pdf format

Retro koala made of felt. Free pattern Book 3: A “Life Size Rabbit” and “Life Size Koala Bear” made of felt

PDF download Download Book 3 in pdf format

Terrier dog to make of felt. Free pattern. Book 4: Terrier Doggy and Model Cat made of felt

PDF download Download Book 4 in pdf format

Retro duck made of faux fur. Free pattern.Book 5: Penguin and Pussy Cat made of faux fur

PDF download Download Book 5 in pdf format

Retro giraffe dog. Free pattern. Book 6: Dog and Giraffe in leatherette or felt

PDF download Download Book 6 in pdf format

Retro Mickey Mouse doll. Free pattern. Book 7: Dog and Clown Mouse (Mickey Mouse) made of soft cloth

PDF download Download Book 7 in pdf format

Retro rag doll. Free pattern.Book 8: Clown and Doll made of soft cloth and using commercially made doll heads.

These patterns are great for people who make porcelain doll heads, or want to rescue an old, well loved or thrifted vintage doll whose body has disintegrated.

PDF download Download Book 8 in pdf format

Retro felt cat pot holder. Free pattern.Book 9: Introducing Novelties

  • A needle and sewing tidy,
  • Ash tray holders (small table runners),
  • A bag with shoulder straps,
  • Book marks,
  • A felt handkerchief holder,
  • Novel pot holder,
  • Felt or soft leather book covers,
  • Child’s felt bag and
  • Felt cushion cover interlaced with coloured strips.

PDF download Download Book 9 in pdf format

Retro felt roses. Free pattern.Book 10: “A Knitting, Overnight or Beach Bag”, and “Felt Flowers and how to make them”

PDF download Download Book 10 in pdf format

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