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Knitting Tips from 1933

Most of these knitting tips are as true now as they were in 1933! I’m not sure about the seaming tip though. I prefer a whole stitch in from the edge unless an edge to edge finish is needed (for example, if there’s a seam in the sole of a sock that was knit flat).

From the Muswellbrook Chronicle, May 19th 1933.


When you are knitting remember – Never stretch your wool by winding it into a hard ball. Wind it loosely over three fingers; changing their position frequently, and a soft, loose ball, delightfully easy to work will be the result. Knitting is often spoilt because it is carelessly made up and finished off. In joining edges, be careful not to draw them too tightly. Use the same yarn as the knitting and a coarse, blunt-pointed needle, and take up the end loops only of each edge.

When changing from one colour wool to another twist the two wools together to avoid a gap in the knitting. Avoid joining the wool in the middle of a row, but if the design demands this, try to do so as neatly as possible.


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