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Knitting for the Troops, 1918

From The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, Saturday the 8th of June 1918


“And the girls are ever knitting — still are knitting”— we might parody Edgar Allen Poe. At church socials, like that of St. Andrew’s, Parramatta, on Wednesday,  on the chairs around the hall at the War Chest hop, in the trains and trams, in the streets as walkers take the air and the sun, even on the holy Sabbath; old women knitting, girls knitting; men (at times, not often) knitting; boys knitting. It is one of the sights of the age, one of the few things that bring a little color to life, so to speak, in these dark days when everything is so clouded with doubt and uncertainty. At any rate, our kith and kin are bearing ”service.” And those piles of socks for our boys are growing!

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