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I’m Addicted to Dropcloth Samplers

I have an admission to make. Even though I have embroidered more than 120 original “investigative” samplers in the last few years, sometimes I love nothing more than working on a pre-printed sampler so I don’t have to design anything, and I often get to try something I never would have thought of myself.

My favourite pre-printed samplers are Dropcloth Samplers by Rebecca Ringquist. You may have seen my previous post about her book, Embroidery Workshops, in which I showed my finished sampler that comes with the book. Well, I just finished my fourth Dropcloth sampler, Paisley.

Paisley sampler from Dropcloth, worked in a variety of threads.

Yes, that’s right, my fourth.

I’ve also embroidered Red Stripe (note that not all my stripes are red. I’m such a rebel),

Striped embroidery sampler

and the Original sampler

Embroidered sampler from Dropcloth samplers

and I have the Sequel sampler all ironed and ready to hoop.

I love how densely stitched the red stripe and paisley samplers are, and every one people embroider are completely different. I love having guidelines and still have the freedom to choose my own threads and change things up if I feel like it (which is why my hoop on the Original Sampler is a bit wild). Check out the hashtag #dropclothsamplers on Instagram for lots of inspirational photos and to see other people’s versions of Dropcloth samplers.

If you’re new to embroidery, or looking for a project that’s a bit out of the ordinary Rebecca also has some classes on Creativebug, including the Original Embroidery Sampler, the Advanced Embroidery Sampler (aka The Sequel Sampler), Embroidery Transfer Techniques , Layered Floral Embroidery (I’m going to try this soon), Embroidered Heirloom Napkins , Embroidered Kids Pillow , Embroidered Photo Ornament and the Embroidered Embellished Skirt. You don’t need to buy any of her samplers to do any of the workshops. All you need is fabric, thread and a hoop.

For a limited time you can get a 14-day free trial to Creativebug and save 60% at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Now I just have to decide whether to take another look at the layered floral embroidery class or start my sequel sampler. Hmm…


  • This post contains affiliate links to Creativebug. The links to Dropcloth Samplers on Etsy are not affiliate links. Rest assured, I only link to products and services I enjoy, and believe my visitors might like too.
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