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Update on Where to Find my Knitting Patterns

A baby doll in a knitted sleeping bag, inside a drawstring bag that becomes a cradle when the top of the bag is folded over to the outside.
The Baby Doll Cradle purse knitting pattern

As I can no longer sell my knitting patterns on Ravelry due to not being able to view the site, I’ve chosen to make them available on Payhip, so they remain available for anyone that would like to purchase them.

See my Knitting Books and Patterns for Sale page for more information on all the books and patterns I have available!

If you bought any of my patterns on Ravelry, you should still have them available in your library to download any time you want them. However, if you would like to ask any questions about the instructions, you’ll need to contact me here and I’ll be happy to help.

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    • Sarah Bradberry

      I did switch back to Classic but because it was old rav skinned over the new design and not the real old rav design it still gave me migraines and a seizure response because of text issues. I still can’t look at any Ravelry page.

  1. Gina Bishop

    Hi Sarah, thanks so much for all you are doing to make sure that we followers still have access to your patterns. I am a long time follower and love the vintage patterns that you have taken the time to provide for us, as well as the current items as well.

  2. Dragonwyck

    Hi Sara—Blinky-Blinky websites are not Brain friendly—-I sympathize.
    Have always loved and appreciated your designs and commitment to string art.
    Wishing you well;

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