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Sometimes You Have No Idea What to Embroider, then Three Busses Come at Once

Or something like that.

In my last post about the Beyond TAST embroidery challenge, I mentioned that I was several challenges behind. The truth is, I had no idea what I wanted to do with any of them. Well, yesterday I came up with ideas for all three at once. Just like when I went to art school and I’d wait an hour for the bus and then three would drive past all at the same time. I really needed new glasses. (That’s a true story. I couldn’t see the bus route number until it was too late to signal for the bus 😛 )

The fabrics for my first two samplers are vintage handkerchiefs that I dyed navy blue and stitched to some background fabrics. They’re slightly wonky, but I’m not overly concerned about that. They’re very old and a bit out of shape anyway. Much like me, but without the “very” 😉

First up is the last one I thought of. A 1950’s inspired floral design for the laced and threaded stitches Beyond TAST challenge. I may use felt for the basic shape of each flower but I haven’t really decided yet.

Design for whipped and laced stitches embroidery sampler

Next up is the outline for the woven stitches challenge (I won’t be stitching the cloud).

I have a real fondness for wooden building blocks, and this sampler will feature some little block houses and a tree. I’m going to trace these onto the background fabrics using dressmaker’s carbon paper right before I start stitching. I think this one is going to be a great deal of fun to stitch.

Design for woven stitch embroidery sampler

The last sampler is a purchased design.

I’ve loved the Green Man design from Urban Threads since I first saw it a couple of years ago. I’ve worked an Urban Threads design in TAST before for my satin stitch sampler. If you buy the hand embroidery versions, they’re very inexpensive, and even though they’re not really designed for hand embroidery they are a lot of fun to stitch by hand.

I’m going to use this one for the “filling stitches” challenge, which is possibly insane.  Okay, probably. I have a vague idea about how I want to tackle it with colour and texture to create dimension, but I’ll probably change my mind thirteen times before I get to it!

Green man embroidery design

I think there are only one or two more Beyond TAST challenges left before it finishes at the end of the year but the Take a Stitch Tuesday stitch challenge is going to run again next year. Check out the TAST FAQ page over on Pintangle for more information, or have a look at all of my TAST and Beyond TAST samplers so far.


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