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20 Days of Crafting in Pictures

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I’m going on holidays tomorrow so this post will be short on words but big on pictures. Here are the crafty things I’ve been up to since I last posted. I’ll post more details on the techniques and gadgets when I get back.

Doctor Who bunting from Spoonflower

1: Doctor Who bunting (using this fabric from Spoonflower). I backed mine with plain calico since it will be hanging against a wall and ended up with over 4 metres from only half a yard of fabric!

Iron Man pencil case

2: Avengers pencil case. The bottom is straight, it just looks wobbly because of the boxed corners.

Twin Needle Stitches from the Singer 401 - Page 1

Twin Needle Stitches from the Singer 401 - Page 2

Twin Needle Stitches from the Singer 401 - Page 3

Twin Needle Stitches from the Singer 401 - Page 4

3 – 6: Two needle stitching on my singer 401. I’m going to make a whole stitch book for 401 owners to download after my cam #17 arrives. When I do, I’ll tell you what all those letters and numbers mean 🙂

Pintucks on the Singer 401

7: My very first pintucks!

Couching on the Singer 401

8: Couching on the Singer 401 using the all purpose foot works really well. The only yarn that tried to escape was the metallic knitting yarn.

Thread Test with the Circular Attachment on the Singer 401

9: Auditioning threads with the circular stitcher attachment

Circular Couching and Appliqué on the Singer 401

10: Couching and appliqué using the circular stitcher.

Satin Stitch Flower on the Singer 401 with the Circular Attachment

11: A slightly wonky flower using, you guessed it, the circular stitcher attachment. I love this thing 🙂

Appliqué Flower on the Singer 401 with the Circular Attachment

12: At this point I realised my presser foot screw had worked it’s way loose, resulting in an even wonkier appliquĂ© flower using the circular stitcher. I’ve since found out about some templates I can make to ensure everything lines up. I’ll make a post about those later with some downloadable templates.

Those wrinkles at the corners on the petals could be eliminated with some steam pressing BTW.

Circular Pintucks on the Singer 401

13: Circular pintucks made using the circular stitcher attachment. I took photos for a tutorial.

Multiple circular rounds with the multi-stitch zig zag on the Singer 401

14: and finally I played with working multiple rounds with 2 needle stitching. My thread kept breaking for two reasons – it’s rubbish thread and I accidentally left the top tension set tight for pintucking. Oops.

The result of all this sewing is that I’m totally in love with this machine, I already learnt a whole bunch of new techniques and I’m totally enamoured with both two needle stitching (using 2 needles side by side or a twin needle), and I want to sew circles on everything.

In fact, I made this pinterest board on making things with the circular stitching attachment and flower stitcher (I have one of those too). I had no idea you could use it for so many different techniques!


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