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Felt Dreadlocks

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felted dreadlocks on a ponytail elastic felt dreadlocks on a bobby pin

felt dreadlocks with a striped design

Felt dreadlocks are fun to make and take almost no time at all!


Wool (unspun fibre). Each dreadlock takes less than a gram.
Dishwashing detergent (just a few drops will do in a litre or so of water)
Spray bottle (optional)
Bobby pin for the single dreadlock or a hair elastic and a scrap of yarn for ponytail dreadlocks.

Optional decorative things:
Buttons and beads
Sparkly shredded stuff. Angelina fibre works well or you can use the sparkly shredded stuff that can be found in the gift packaging aisle of large craft stores
Wool yarn


teased wool layed out for felting

Tease out your wool and lay it out in a line. Save a tiny bit for later.

rubbing the wool to make it felt

Spray the fibre with a little soapy water. (At this point you can add sparkly stuff or wind wool yarn around your dreadlock for extra decoration).

Pick it up gently and squeeze out all the air, then begin felting by rolling it between your palms. You'll feel the wool begin to felt together and harden. When it holds together well go on to the next step.

making the loop on the top of the dreadlock

Fold the top over to form a loop. Wind a little wool around the bottom of the loop to hold it in place. Roll the loop between your palms until the wool you wound around the bottom has felted. Thread on buttons or beads and tie a knot underneath them so they won't fall off.

Now you can either make a single dreadlock by threading a bobby pin through the loop, or you can tie a bunch of dreadlocks together and tie them onto a hair elastic for a dreaded pony tail!

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