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Floral Wreath

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Floral wreath

You can make attractive floral wreaths cheaply & suitable for almost any occasion just by following a few simple rules. The one shown in the picture above is one I made for my daughter’s bedroom which will have pale yellow walls & floral accents. Here is how I did it.


  • 1 cane wreath in a size of your choice.
  • Fabric flowers of your choice, an odd number of each
  • Fabric foliage (I just used the leaves from the fabric flowers)
  • Fake fruit (optional)
  • 1 hot glue gun
  • Piece of cord or ribbon, for hanging

I used fabric sunflowers, daisies and roses for the wreath in the picture, with a couple of polystyrene apples tucked in between.


1: First, tie your ribbon or cord at an appropriate spot on your bare wreath so you can hang it up when you’re finished.

2: Next, take your largest flower and cut the stalks off, if they have any. Using the glue gun, stick them at even points around your wreath. Using an odd number always looks best for some reason.

3: Take your next largest flower and do the same, tucking them behind the main flower where appropriate. Continue in this manner until you have used up all your flowers, then your fruit, & finally your leaves.

Hang it up and admire it 🙂


Some people prefer to start with the foliage and then work backwards, placing the largest flowers last.

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry 1999

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