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Box Decorated with Postage Stamps

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Postage Stamp Decorated Box

You can decorate any size box with this method, in fact, once you get started it’s quite addictive 😉


  • PVA glue
  • Paint brush
  • Papier maché box in your choice of size
  • Postage stamps. The number will depend on your choice of box. Get your friends to send you lots of mail, pinch them from the office or buy the beginner’s stamp collecting kits from the post office, just make sure they have lots of interesting colours 🙂
  • Saucer or other suitable container for diluting the glue.
  • Small amount of Bluetac.
  • Satin finish craft varnish.


Make a mixture of half PVA glue and half water and use this to seal your box inside and out. Set aside to dry.

Next comes the fun part! Decide how you want to place your stamps on your box using small amounts of Bluetac on the back of each one so you can easily rearrange them. When you are satisfied with your design stick each stamp down with diluted PVA glue.

Finally, give the whole thing a coat of undiluted PVA glue or two coats of satin craft varnish to protect your hard work.

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry 1997

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