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Halloween Fairy Wings

Fancy fairy wings

These wings are sturdy and simple to make using 2 old coat hangers and a pair of old pantyhose, then decorated with a little glitter and some puff paint. Complete the outfit with the fairy skirt and wand and you have a costume any little girl will love to wear. These wings are also a winner at school fetes and charity bazaars.

The graphic shows two possible designs on the wings, variations are endless.


  • 2 wire coat hangers
  • 1 pair of pastel coloured pantyhose
  • Puff paints to go with the colour of the pantyhose
  • PVA glue
  • Thread
  • Approx 1m (1 yard) of 1 1/2 cm (1/2 inch) wide elastic
  • Medium size paint brush
  • Tin snips or thick wire cutters
  • Pliers


Shape the triangular part of each coat hanger to match the shape of each wing in the graphic above.

Cut the hooks off both coat hangers, leaving a length of wire long enough so you can twist the two together.

After you have twisted the two together take the pantyhose and cut off the panty part. Pull the leg part over each ‘wing’ until you have a smooth covering and wind the excess neatly over the exposed wire where you twisted the two coat hangers together in the middle.

Sew the excess hose in place neatly, using the panty part if you need more padding to cover the wire safely.

Lay the wings flat on a table and paint with puff paint following one of the designs on the graphic, or use your own design.

Using your paint brush feather the paint towards the centre of each wing to give a subtle shading effect.

Let dry.

Apply a little glitter in each spot with a little PVA glue. Let dry thoroughly.

Finally cut two pieces of elastic and sew to the padded centre of the wings, adjust the length of elastic to fit over your child’s shoulders (these are the loops that the arms fit through) and sew the other ends in place.

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry 1997