Butterfly and Other Tied Waffle Weave Looms

Basic Weaves and Techniques

pom-pom fabric made on a butterfly loom

(Any Shaped Looms). The number of times you wind your loom will determine the fullness of your pompoms

Bucilla Adjustable Waffle Weave Loom

Butterfly Loom

You can buy a butterfly loom and instructions on how to use it from


fancy tied lace butterfly loom squares

(offsite video from the Butterfly Loom Blog)


check design rug in rainbow colours

(medium size looms)

striped cushion

(small or medium size looms

rug with square and check design

(medium sized looms

rainbow colored cushion with check design

(medium size looms)

spiral design rug

(medium size looms)

rainbow coloured butterfly loom rug from Big Brother, season 3

, as seen on Australian Big Brother series 3! (2 versions for small or medium looms

Lily Speed-O-Weave Looms

Lily SPeed-O-Weave Luncheon Set

. Leaflet 74-s

Lily SPeed-O-Weave Luncheon Set

Speed-O-Weave book 85-s. Easy to make deisgns for the home.

Lily SPeed-O-Weave Luncheon Set

Speed-O-Weave book 95-s. Easy and fast designs to make for the home.

Magic Looms

Mini Looms