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Fan Shapes on the Hana Ami Flower Loom

Fan shapes make great flower buds, feathers, or even fans 🙂

Fans can easily be created on a loom with a centre post or any other loom. For instructions on making fan shapes on any round loom, see my other fan-shape tutorial. This tutorial will cover fan shapes made on a loom with a centre post.

The loom in the photo is the Hana Ami loom by Clover.

To make a fan shape wind a section of your loom. I’ve woven one quarter for the sample but you can wind as much or as little as you like.

Tie the threads together at the centre peg.
Weave the bottom of your fan as desired. I made a wedge of double weaving followed by a knotted round .

To tidy up the point, take the starting end of your thread and thread it through the loops several times. Pull tight.

Darn in all loose ends on the back.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.